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73 rentals
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Les Aravis60 rentals
Portes Du Soleil244 rentals
Isere543 rentals
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Les Sybelles249 rentals
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Saint Vincent de Cosse4 rentals
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Salignac Eyvigues5 rentals
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Dordogne : 213 rentals

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Sarlat la Canéda - Dordogne (France)
(price and availability up-date in process)

Rental Apartment Sarlat la Canéda 2 people

Ref : 119333LLocasun guaranteed

Résidence-club Les Côteaux De Sarlat Nuitée Hôtelière 2 Personnes

Apartment - 2 people


Shared swimming pool - Television - Cot

(price and availability up-date in process)

Rental House Rouffignac Saint Cernin de Reilhac 2 people

Ref : 207573LLocasun guaranteed

Le Coteau Des Lavandes

House - 2 people - 65 m² 

2 rooms - 1 bedroom


Shared swimming pool - Television - Terrace - 1 outdoor…

This recently built house, provides bright, modern accommodation in peaceful surroundings. The spacious open plan living room has a sofa and dining table and chairs, satellite TV with DVD player and WiFi access. The kitchen area has a mixed gas/electric hob, electric oven, microwave, fridge, electric kettle, cafetiere and toaster. Attractive double bedroom, bathroom and separate wc. On the lower…
Monfaucon - Dordogne (France)

Rental Mobile Home Monfaucon 3 people

Ref : 108960LLocasun guaranteed

Camping Sites Et Paysages De L'etang De Bazange - Cottage Neuf 1 Chambre Avec Jolie Vue Sur L'étang - Nouveauté 2014 : Tv +2 Transats

Mobile Home - 3 people - 20 m² 

2 rooms - 1 bedroom


Shared swimming pool - Cot

Sarlat la Canéda - Dordogne (France)
(price and availability up-date in process)

Rental Apartment Sarlat la Canéda 3 people

Ref : 119334LLocasun guaranteed

Résidence-club Les Côteaux De Sarlat Nuitée Hôtelière 3 Personnes

Apartment - 3 people


Shared swimming pool - Television - Cot

Fresh air and a residence including: > Shared swimming pool > Television > Cot
Le Bugue - Dordogne (France)

Rental House Le Bugue 4 people

Ref : 144219LLocasun guaranteed

Résidence Le Hameau De La Vézère

House - 4 people - 30 m² 

2 rooms - 1 bedroom


Shared swimming pool - Sauna - Television - Terrace - 1…

Sarlat la Canéda - Dordogne (France)

Rental House Sarlat la Canéda 4 people

Ref : 119330LLocasun guaranteed

Résidence-club Les Côteaux De Sarlat

House - 4 people

2 rooms - 1 bedroom


Shared swimming pool - Dishwasher - Cot

Fresh air and a residence including: > Shared swimming pool > Dishwasher > Cot
Sarlat la Canéda - Dordogne (France)

Rental Villa Sarlat la Canéda 4 people

Ref : 78485LLocasun guaranteed

Gite Quentin

Villa - 4 people - 90 m² 

2 bedrooms


Shared swimming pool - Terrace - Dishwasher - Washing…

Cottage 90m² / Sleeps 4. 2 Bedrooms - 1 Bathroom. Shared pool. Style : Delightful stone cottage, full of charm and character. Peaceful setting. 10 km north of the delightful medieval town of Sarlat.Household information: TV Cot on request Pets welcome Parking for 2/3 vehicles onsite Noise: none Overlooked: no Easy access. General information: Tourists sites nearby (Sarlat, les Eyzies de…
Bergerac - Dordogne (France)

Rental Apartment Bergerac 4 people

Ref : 42151LLocasun guaranteed

Bergerac Le Clos Des Vignes Lagrange Prestige

Apartment - 4 people

2 rooms - 1 bedroom


Indoor Pool - Shared swimming pool - Sauna - Linen included …

Fresh air and a residence including: > Indoor Pool > Shared swimming pool > Sauna > Linen included > Bath towel included in the price
Montignac - Dordogne (France)

Rental House Montignac 4 people

Ref : 42233LLocasun guaranteed

Montignac Les Bastides De Lascaux Lagrange Prestige

House - 4 people


Linen included - Bath towel included in the price -…

Fresh air and a residence including: > Linen included > Bath towel included in the price > Television > Terrace > 1 outdoor parking space

Rental Apartment Saint Vincent de Cosse 4 people

Ref : 167496LLocasun guaranteed

Résidence Le Clos Des Rives - T2

Apartment - 4 people - 41 m² 

2 rooms - 1 bedroom


Shared swimming pool - Beach < 100 m - Television - Terrace…

Discover Black Périgord, the country of the thousand and one castles, caves and pits and gastronomy. With two steps of Sarlat, of Lascaux and Eysies, St Vincent de Cosse are a small village calm and green bordered by the Dordogne river, favourable with the bathe, with stroll in the canoe. In the immediate vicinity of a vast hazel plantation and river, the residence the Field of Banks is…
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In the Aquitaine region in the Southwest of France the Dordogne takes its name from the river that flows through it. The river is one of the main attractions in the Dordogne with some fabulous scenery, especially at sunset. It is great for canoeing or paddling in its clear water, going for walks, horse rides and bike rides along its tree lined banks or just relaxing and listening to the afternoon breeze rustle the leaves of the poplar trees.
Dordogne is a former province of Périgord and is divided into four different geographical regions, each of them rich in colour. There is Périgord Noir where the landscape has remained beautifully unchanged since the Prehistoric period, Périgord Pourpre that get its grape-like colour as a result of it rich wine production, Périgord Blanc, an area of limestone plateaus and extensive meadows and finally Périgord Vert that contains a verdant nature park criss crossed by winding streams.
In Dordogne, hospitality and culinary know-how come naturally to the locals. Their gastronomy is composed of ceps, confit of goose, truffles, foie gras and wines from Bergerac, it's a real treat for the taste buds!

Activities :


• Farm inn
• Hotel and restaurant
• Restaurant
• Practical services

Leisure and amusements

• Freeriding
• Hiking route
• Fishing
• Hiking
• Yoga
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