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4  people117 rentals
5  people66 rentals
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8  people47 rentals
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10  people22 rentals
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Rental Argol (7)
Rental Audierne (12)
Rental Bannalec (4)
Rental Bénodet (41)
Rental Berrien (1)
Rental Brignogan Plage (1)
Rental Carantec (6)
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Rental Saint Yvi (2)
Rental Santec (2)
Rental Scaër (4)
Rental Scrignac (1)
Rental Sibiril (1)
Rental Tréboul (3)
Rental Treffiagat (1)
Rental Trégarantec (1)
Rental Tréguennec (1)
Rental Trégunc (16)
Rental Tréogat (1)

Finistere : 518 rentals

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Audierne - Finistere (France)

Rental House Audierne 4 people

Ref : 173420LLocasun guaranteed

Village Club Nemea Le Domaine De La Baie

House - 4 people - 32 m² 

2 rooms - 1 bedroom


Indoor Pool - Communal swimming pool - Sauna - Beach < 1 Km…

Located between the Point of the Strong current at 15 km and Quimper at 35 km, Audierne is a seaside resort of the south Finistere. Particularly alive, the port of Audierne brings happiness yachtmen with its bridge located in downtown area. The animated quays are the perfect place to stroll and discover with the turning of its narrow lanes its trade, its restaurants and its historical heritage.…
Pentrez - Finistere (France)

Rental House Pentrez 4 people

Ref : 159972LLocasun guaranteed

Résidence Les Terrasses De Pentrez

House - 4 people - 30 m² 

2 rooms - 1 bedroom


Indoor Pool - Beach < 500 m - Shops < 1 Km - Town centre <…

The situation of the village, with the limit of Porzay, the basin of Châteaulin and the Peninsula of Crozon in fact an ideal starting point to leave in excursions and to discover Brittany. To 500 m of superb the great fine sand beach of Pentrez-Beach , the residence 'the Terraces of Pentrez-Beach', dominates bay and offers a prestigious sight on the Atlantic Ocean.
Saint Pol De Léon - Finistere (France)

Rental Apartment Saint Pol De Léon 4 people

Ref : 45713LLocasun guaranteed

Résidence Les Roches

Apartment - 4 people - 30 m² 

2 rooms - 1 bedroom


Indoor Pool - Communal swimming pool - Sauna - Television -…

Small coastal village of the bay of Morlaix, Saint Pol of Léon offers an exceptional landscape maritime with a whole palette of beaches and white sand. In city you will contemplate the romano-Gothic cathedral, the chapel of Kreisker, numerous houses of the 16th and 17th centuries or still the megalith of Boutouiller. The finistère has its Fjords, the abers of the north coast, spreading an…
Roscoff - Finistere (France)

Rental Apartment Roscoff 4 people

Ref : 130414LLocasun guaranteed

Résidence Spa De Rockroum - Appartement 4 Personnes Avec Balcon

Apartment - 4 people - 60 m² 

2 rooms - 1 bedroom


Indoor Pool - Hot tub - Beach < 100 m - Shops < 500 m - Town…

The residence is located at 150 meters of the center of thalassotherapy and the beautiful beach of Rockroum. There are studios and apartments of 1 or 2 rooms with terrace or balcony. All the apartments furnished with the Residences the Terraces De Rockroum have a kitchenette supplements (oven micro wave-grill, dishwasher), of a television flat panel display and of a free Wi-Fi connection, a…
Plougasnou - Finistere (France)

Rental Apartment Plougasnou 4 people

Ref : 75736LLocasun guaranteed

Résidence Domaine Des Roches Jaunes Nuitée Hôtelière 4 Personnes

Apartment - 4 people


Television - Cot

Bénodet - Finistere (France)

Rental Apartment Bénodet 4 people

Ref : 71201LLocasun guaranteed

Résidence Les Greens De Bénodet

Apartment - 4 people - 21 m² 

1 room


Communal swimming pool - Balcony - Dishwasher - Garden…

Close to the beach this residence includes: > Communal swimming pool > Balcony > Dishwasher > Garden furniture > Cot
Morgat - Finistere (France)

Rental Apartment Morgat 4 people

Ref : 75729LLocasun guaranteed

Résidence Horizon Morgat Nuitée Hôtelière 4 Personnes

Apartment - 4 people


Communal swimming pool - Television - Cot

Close to the beach this residence includes: > Communal swimming pool > Television > Cot
Morgat - Finistere (France)

Rental Apartment Morgat 4 people

Ref : 71375LLocasun guaranteed

Résidence Horizon Morgat

Apartment - 4 people - 33 m² 

2 rooms - 1 bedroom


Communal swimming pool - Television - Terrace - Dishwasher -…

Close to the beach this residence includes: > Communal swimming pool > Television > Terrace > Dishwasher > Garden furniture
Plougasnou - Finistere (France)

Rental Apartment Plougasnou 4 people

Ref : 73008LLocasun guaranteed

Résidence Domaine Des Roches Jaunes

Apartment - 4 people - 35 m² 

2 rooms - 1 bedroom


Dishwasher - Cot

Bénodet - Finistere (France)

Rental Apartment Bénodet 4 people

Ref : 75489LLocasun guaranteed

Résidence Les Greens De Bénodet Nuitée Hôtelière 4 Personnes

Apartment - 4 people


Communal swimming pool - Television - Cot - Quiet area

Close to the beach this residence includes: > Communal swimming pool > Television > Cot > Quiet area
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Finistère (or 'Penn-ar-Bed' in the Breton language) is a prestigious place in Brittany and is well-known for its capital Brest and also Bénodet, which welcomes many visitors every year. It has a fantastic geographical position, bordered by the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean. It makes up a quarter of the French coastline and offers many stunning natural sites, such as the Pointe du Raz, the Glénan islands, and the Roadstead of Brest.
It also has many renowned gardens and parks such as the Armorique regional natural park. Culturally there are over 10 centuries of regional history to discover with numerous castles, mansions, lighthouses and museums that belong to this unique area. It is next to the departments of Cotes d'Armor as well as Morbihan.
In Finistère you will find an amazing choice of private villas, houses and apartments for an amazing holiday. Let us help you find the place of your dreams for your next holiday rental.

Activities :


• Farm inn
• Hotel and restaurant
• Restaurant
• Practical services

Leisure and amusements

• Freeriding
• Hiking route
• Fishing
• Hiking
• Yoga
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