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Rental Vic le Fesq (2)
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Gard : 485 rentals

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Vénéjan - Gard (France)

Rental House Vénéjan 3 people

Ref : 137257LLocasun guaranteed

House - 3 people - 38 m² 

3 rooms - 2 bedrooms


Linen included - Television - Terrace - 2 outdoor parking…

You will love this residence because it has: > Linen included > Final clean included in the price > Television > Terrace > 2 outdoor parking space
Saint Ambroix - Gard (France)

Rental Apartment Saint Ambroix 3 people

Ref : 175398LLocasun guaranteed

Domaine De Berguerolles

Apartment - 3 people

2 rooms - 1 bedroom


Private swimming pool - Shops < 1 Km - Linen included -…

Port Camargue - Gard (France)

Rental Apartment Port Camargue 3 people

Ref : 121777LLocasun guaranteed

Terrasses De L Espiguette

Apartment - 3 people - 27 m² 

1 room


Beach < 100 m - Shops < 500 m - Television - Terrace - 1…

Close to the beach this residence includes: > Beach < 100 m > Shops < 500 m > Television > Terrace > 1 outdoor parking space
Uzes - Gard (France)

Rental Apartment Uzes 4 people

Ref : 25554LLocasun guaranteed

Résidence 'le Mas Des Oliviers' (bbf)

Apartment - 4 people - 34 m² 

2 rooms - 1 bedroom


Indoor Pool - Town centre < 500 m - Television - Balcony - 1…

Between Mediterranean and the Cevennes, Uzès conceals all the charm and the cordial environment of the south of France. Town of art strengthened with the prestigious past, let you carry to the liking of its lanes and enjoy its incredible softness of living. With its coloured markets of the place to gravitational Grasses and its trade, Uzès becomes animated all the year between 'Musical Nights'…
Sauve - Gard (France)

Rental House Sauve 4 people

Ref : 19077LLocasun guaranteed

Résidence Les Portes Des Cevennes

House - 4 people - 47 m² 

3 rooms - 2 bedrooms


Indoor Pool - Communal swimming pool - Sauna - Television -…

The residence carried out with natural materials is composed of 90 villas gathered in 30 farmhouses Cevennes on a site of approximately 6 hectares opening on the scrubland. An ideal site to benefit from calms and the natural beauty of the back Languedocien country.
Barjac - Gard (France)

Rental Apartment Barjac 4 people

Ref : 69784LLocasun guaranteed

Résidence La Closerie 3* - Safran

Apartment - 4 people - 32 m² 

2 rooms


Communal swimming pool - Television - 1 indoor car park -…

Located between Ardèche and Gard, Barjac profits from the multiple facets of these two departments. The “Gorge de l’ Ardèche” are without any doubts one of the most attractive site of France. Lots of activities are possible here, in particular the descent of the Gorge on a canoe-kayak. Concerning the Gard, there are a wide variety of landscapes which makes it a main touristic destination: The…
Calvisson - Gard (France)

Rental House Calvisson 4 people

Ref : 71496LLocasun guaranteed

Résidence-club Domaine Le Mas Des Vignes

House - 4 people - 28 m² 


Communal swimming pool - Terrace - Dishwasher - Cot

Close to the beach this residence includes: > Communal swimming pool > Terrace > Dishwasher > Cot
Nîmes - Gard (France)

Rental Apartment Nîmes 4 people

Ref : 77075LLocasun guaranteed

Hôtel-résidence Le Cheval Blanc

Apartment - 4 people


Television - Cot

Close to the beach this residence includes: > Television > Cot
Calvisson - Gard (France)

Rental Apartment Calvisson 4 people

Ref : 82431LLocasun guaranteed

Résidence-club Domaine Le Mas Des Vignes Nuitée Hôtelière 4 Personnes

Apartment - 4 people


Communal swimming pool - Television - Cot

Close to the beach this residence includes: > Communal swimming pool > Television > Cot
Aigues Mortes - Gard (France)

Rental House Aigues Mortes 4 people

Ref : 129513LLocasun guaranteed

Résidence Le Mas Des Flamants

House - 4 people - 35 m² 

2 rooms - 1 bedroom


Communal swimming pool - Dishwasher - Cot - Quiet area

Close to the beach this residence includes: > Communal swimming pool > Dishwasher > Cot > Quiet area
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Gard forms part of the Languedoc-Roussillon region. It is next to the Bouches-du-Rhône, Ardèche, Vaucluse, Hérault, Aveyron and Lozère departments. The highest point of Gard is Mont Aigoual in the Cévennes mountains at 1567m altitude and its most famous town is Le Grau Du Roi. From the Mont Aigoual observatory at the Phare de l'Espiguette, Gard reveals a range of varied landscapes over a short distance. With the Massif Central mountains at its head, the Mediterranean at its feet and facing the Rhône, Gard is a collage of landscapes lit up by the sun of the South with mountains, garrigue scrubland and coastal plain. This scenery has widely inspired French cinema! As a Mediterrenean area, the local Gard specialities include brandade, taureau de Camargue en gardianne, goat's cheese and olive oil with a wine list that has largely developped over the past twenty years! Gard is one of the most visited tourist areas, and for good reason! It possesses real historical treasures, particularly the famous Pont du Gard, a Roman masterpiece also known as 'the eighth wonder of the world' or even Aigues Mortes, a medieval fortified town and not forgetting the Arena of Nîmes, built nearly 2000 years ago. For those interested in nature, numerous sites are worth visiting during your stay: the bambouseraie d'Anduze, Gorges du Gardon as well as Espiguette, a classified site- near to Le Grau du Roi- comprised of dunes, beaches and lagoons. Despite only having a small coastline (23km), Gard is home to the largest marina in Europe, Port-Carmargue. In Gard you will find an amazing choice of private villas, houses and apartments with a swimming pool for a pleasant stay. Let us help you find the place of your dreams for your next holiday rental.

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