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Cities Vicenza :

Province Vicenza : 2 rentals

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Valmarana - Province Vicenza (Italy)
(price and availability up-date in process)

Rental Villa Valmarana 9 people

Ref : 201311LLocasun guaranteed

Casa Valma

Villa - 9 people - 300 m² 

5 rooms


Private swimming pool - Linen included - Bath towel…

GROUND FLOOR: spacious living-room with fireplace and large glass window facing on to the garden; dining room with fireplace and access to external veranda with motorized awning where it is possible to eat “al fresco”; kitchen with oven, refrigerator, dishwasher; downstairs bathroom and 1 storage room with larder. FIRST FLOOR: mezzanine to be used as a reading and TV room with a view…
Castelgomberto - Province Vicenza (Italy)
(price and availability up-date in process)

Rental Villa Castelgomberto 12 people

Ref : 196826LLocasun guaranteed

Villa Giurati

Villa - 12 people - 700 m² 

6 rooms


Private swimming pool - Linen included - Bath towel…

GROUND FLOOR: (the house has two entrances but the two rooms inside are communicating) dining room with fireplace; 1 bathroom with shower; access to the large basement room; sitting room; separate, heat-in kitchen fitted with a dishwasher; 1 single bedroom with en-suite shower room. FIRST FLOOR: (access from the main entrance door) large kitchen with dining table and dishwasher; sitting room with…

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In the North East of Italy the first thing that springs to mind at the mention of this region is the unique city of Venice, with it's many canals and waterlanes filled with gondolas lazily paddling by. The historical wealth of the city is evident in the architecture with many sights to see such as Doge's palace, the Basilica di San Marco and La Fenice Opera House. The region is also however home to the great little city of Padua, where you can see Giotto's famous frescoes, and Verona where you can see the house and balcony of Juliet, the character from Shakespeares famous play. In the courtyard of the house there is a bronze statue of Juliet and legend has it that rubbing her right breast brings good luck. Verona also has the third largest roman amphitheatre in the world and it is still used today for opera and other performances. The region backs on to the impressive dolomite mountain range in the North and in the West it shares Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy, with the neighbouring region of Lombardy. Come and explore this fascinating cultural treasure trove for yourself.

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