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Le Soler1 rental
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Pia2 rentals
Ponteilla1 rental
Port Vendres2 rentals
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Rivesaltes1 rental
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Thuir1 rental
Théza1 rental
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Rental Saint Nazaire (6)
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Rental Sorède (2)
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Rental Théza (1)
Rental Thuir (1)
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Rental Torreilles Plage (33)
Rental Toulouges (2)
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Pyrenees Orientales : 1100 rentals

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Alénya - Pyrenees Orientales (France)

Rental Apartment Alénya 2 people

Ref : 27207LLocasun guaranteed

Domaine Du Mas Blanc Gîtes - T1

Apartment - 2 people - 20 m² 

1 room


Communal swimming pool - Television - Terrace - nursery -…

Small shelters of pure Catalan style, a main home of great comfort and a superb swimming pool equip this complex really conceived for the holidays, in one of the sunniest areas of France.
Argeles sur Mer - Pyrenees Orientales (France)

Rental Apartment Argeles sur Mer 2 people

Ref : 71715LLocasun guaranteed

Résidence-club Les Albères (residence Et Spa)

Apartment - 2 people - 24 m² 

1 room


Communal swimming pool - Terrace - Cot

Close to the beach this residence includes: > Communal swimming pool > Terrace > Cot
Argeles sur Mer - Pyrenees Orientales (France)

Rental Apartment Argeles sur Mer 2 people

Ref : 177026LLocasun guaranteed

Résidence Mer & Golf Port-argeles - Côté Montagne

Apartment - 2 people - 25 m² 

1 room


Communal swimming pool - Beach < 500 m - Shops < 100 m -…

The residence Port-Argeles is located on one of the most important seaside resorts of the south of France, at the edge of the Mediterranean. It is with 300m great beach & about twenty km of Perpignan and of Spain. Let you invade by heard beach and its splendid seen on the marina.
Le Barcarès - Pyrenees Orientales (France)

Rental Apartment Le Barcarès 2 people

Ref : 116422LLocasun guaranteed

Vvf Village Partenaire Le Barcarès Appartement 2 Personnes

Apartment - 2 people


Terrace - 1 outdoor parking space

Close to the beach this residence includes: > Terrace > 1 outdoor parking space
Le Barcarès - Pyrenees Orientales (France)

Rental Apartment Le Barcarès 2 people

Ref : 116423LLocasun guaranteed

Vvf Village Partenaire Le Barcarès Appartement 2 Personnes

Apartment - 2 people


Terrace - 1 outdoor parking space

Le Barcarès - Pyrenees Orientales (France)

Rental Apartment Le Barcarès 2 people

Ref : 159795LLocasun guaranteed

Le Barcares - Cap Coudalere Marina Soleil Bleu Lagrange Classic

Apartment - 2 people

1 room


Television - Balcony - 1 outdoor parking space - Garden…

Close to the beach this residence includes: > Television > Balcony > 1 outdoor parking space > Garden furniture > Cot
Argeles Sur Mer - Pyrenees Orientales (France)

Rental Mobile Home Argeles Sur Mer 2 people

Ref : 45161LLocasun guaranteed

Camping La Pinède Enchantée - Twiny (cabine)

Mobile Home - 2 people - 15 m² 

2 rooms - 1 bedroom


Communal swimming pool - Shops < 1 Km - Terrace - With a…

The magic pine forest is a residential and exclusively pedestrian field which extends on 2.5ha, located at 4km of the seaside, in a luxuriant vegetation with sight on Albères, surrounded by vines and plantations of kiwis, with the calm one. The vehicles (essential) do not circulate inside and are parked on the sites envisaged with the carpark at the entry. With less 30km of the Spanish border,…
Le Barcarès - Pyrenees Orientales (France)

Rental Apartment Le Barcarès 2 people

Ref : 185091LLocasun guaranteed


Apartment - 2 people - 20 m² 

1 room


Beach < 100 m - Television - Balcony - 1 outdoor parking…

1-room apartment 20 m2 on 3rd floor: living/dining room with 1 pull-out bed, TV and flat screen. Kitchenette (2 hot plates, mini-oven, microwave, electric coffee machine). Shower/WC. Balcony 5 m2, south facing position. Terrace furniture. Maximum 1 pet/ dog allowed.Residence "Vistaéro", 3 storeys. In the district of la Grande Plage, 50 m from the sea. In the complex: parking. Shopping centre 100…
Le Barcarès - Pyrenees Orientales (France)

Rental Apartment Le Barcarès 2 people

Ref : 185094LLocasun guaranteed

Le Grand Large

Apartment - 2 people - 28 m² 

2 rooms - 1 bedroom


Beach < 100 m - With a view Sea - Television - Terrace - 1…

2-room apartment 28 m2 on 1st floor: living/dining room with TV. 1 room with 1 double bed. Kitchenette (4 hot plates, microwave). Shower/WC. Terrace 8 m2, east facing position. Terrace furniture. View of the sea.Residence "le Grand Large", 3 storeys. In the district of du Lido, 50 m from the sea. In the complex: parking. Grocery, restaurant 50 m. Nearby attractions: Aqualand Port Leucate 7 km,…
Le Barcarès - Pyrenees Orientales (France)

Rental Apartment Le Barcarès 2 people

Ref : 185108LLocasun guaranteed


Apartment - 2 people - 23 m² 

1 room


Communal swimming pool - Terrace - 1 outdoor parking space

1-room apartment 23 m2, on the ground floor: living/dining room with 1 pull-out bed. Kitchenette (2 hot plates, mini-oven). Bathroom, sep. WC. Terrace 5 m2, west facing position. Terrace furniture. View of the lake.La Coudalère 5 km from Barcarès: Apartment block "Guadeloupe", 3 storeys. 50 m from the lake. For shared use: swimming pool (15 x 25 m, depth 80 - 220 cm, 01.05.-30.09., extra).…
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Pyrenees Orientales


The Pyrénées Orientales is essentially a blend of France and Spain where sun and warm hospitality prevail all year long. Between Collioure and Cerbère, there are some characteristically typical French towns and villages such as Font Romeu or even Perpignan. The famous seaside resort Banyuls is also worth a visit with its little streets, beach, port and vineyards, which will even delight the most demanding holidaymakers. During a holiday here a visit to the exotic garden of Ponteilla is a must. With 1,800 varieties of plant from around the world, notably the lovely assortment of eucalyptus, cactus and bamboo it makes for a great say out.
The neighbouring departments are Ariège and Aude.
In the Pyrénées Orientales you will find a large choice of private villas, houses and apartments for the perfect holiday. Let us help you find the place of your dreams for your next holiday rental.

Activities :


• Farm inn
• Hotel and restaurant
• Restaurant
• Practical services

Leisure and amusements

• Freeriding
• Hiking route
• Fishing
• Hiking
• Yoga
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