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Vaucluse : 171 rentals

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Vedene - Vaucluse (France)

Rental Apartment Vedene 2 people

Ref : 37484LLocasun guaranteed

Grand Avignon

Apartment - 2 people - 45 m² 

1 room


Shared swimming pool - Linen included - Television -…

VEDENE-universe of passion between city and harmonious and hard countryside with the doors of Avignon.Vedene attracts those which seek the marriage of the conviviability of the village with the serenity of the campagnes.Pecher in the lakes, to drive out in the vines, to practise the golf, horsemanship, the sports collectifs(4 gymnasia, to 2stades)decouvrir the vineyard become source of pride by…
Avignon - Vaucluse (France)

Rental Apartment Avignon 2 people

Ref : 122811LLocasun guaranteed

Adagio City Aparthotel Aparthotel Avignon - Appartement Studio 2 Personnes

Apartment - 2 people


Linen included - Bath towel included in the price - Final…

Fresh air and a residence including: > Linen included > Bath towel included in the price > Final clean included in the price > Cot
L'Isle sur la Sorgue - Vaucluse (France)

Rental Apartment L'Isle sur la Sorgue 2 people

Ref : 186279LLocasun guaranteed


Apartment - 2 people - 42 m² 

1 room


Private swimming pool - Television - Terrace - 1 outdoor…

1-room house 42 m2: living/dining room with 2 beds (80 cm, length 200 cm), dining table and TV (flat screen). Exit to the terrace. Kitchen (1 ceramic glass hob hotplate, microwave, freezer). Shower/WC. Deck chairs (2). Facilities: washing machine. Internet (WiFi). Please note: reversible air conditioning. It is possible to join the 2 beds (80 cm each) together. Available: ping-pong table.Caumont…
Malaucène - Vaucluse (France)

Rental Apartment Malaucène 2 people

Ref : 186280LLocasun guaranteed

La Maison Rose

Apartment - 2 people - 20 m² 

1 room


Terrace - Internet ADSL

1-room apartment 20 m2 on 1st floor: living/dining room with 1 double bed (2 x 90 cm). Kitchenette (oven, microwave, electric coffee machine). Bath/WC. Electric heating. Terrace 18 m2. Terrace furniture, deck chairs. Of. Facilities: Internet (WiFi). 1 pet/ dog allowed.3-family house "La Maison Rose". For shared use: property 3 ha. Motor access (via unmade road). Shop 1.8 km, outdoor swimming pool…
Lauris - Vaucluse (France)

Rental Villa Lauris 2 people

Ref : 201049LLocasun guaranteed


Villa - 2 people - 50 m² 

1 room


Private swimming pool - Linen included - Bath towel…

1-room house 50 m2, beautiful furnishings: living/dining room with 1 double bed (1 x 160 cm, length 200 cm), TV. Kitchenette (3 hot plates, dishwasher, microwave) with dining table. Shower/WC. Air-conditioning. Terrace. Terrace furniture, barbecue. Facilities: washing machine. Please note: non-smokers only. Television with TNT (french freeview). Available : reversible air conditioning,…
Carpentras - Vaucluse (France)

Rental House Carpentras 2 people

Ref : 201052LLocasun guaranteed


House - 2 people - 85 m² 

2 rooms - 1 bedroom


Private swimming pool - Television - Terrace - 1 outdoor…

2-room house 85 m2, beautiful furnishings: entrance hall. Living/dining room with TV (flat screen). Exit to the terrace, to the swimming pool. 1 room with 1 double bed (1 x 160 cm, length 200 cm), shower/WC. Exit to the terrace, to the swimming pool. Kitchenette (4 hot plates, dishwasher, microwave). Deck chairs (2). Facilities: washing machine. Access from outside: shower/WC. Reversible air…
Avignon - Vaucluse (France)

Rental House Avignon 2 people

Ref : 172897LLocasun guaranteed


House - 2 people - 35 m² 

2 rooms


Private swimming pool - Television - Terrace - 1 outdoor…

Small Holiday cottage for 2 people, in the heart of Provence close to Avignon, with private pool and terrace. Located in the heart of Provence, in the countryside and yet close to all facilities, this beautiful home is ready to welcome you in its calm and serenity. It offers every comfort, despite its small size. The surroundings: You will see typical Provencal villages with hillside vines,…
Avignon - Vaucluse (France)
(price and availability up-date in process)

Rental Apartment Avignon 2 people

Ref : 120032LLocasun guaranteed

Résidence Court'inn Suites

Apartment - 2 people - 20 m² 

1 room


Shared swimming pool - Linen included - Bath towel included…

Hotel Court’Inn Suites is located in the beautiful city of Avignon, 1.2 km from the city centre, in the heart of Provence, an area famous for its historic and cultural legacy. This property features comfortable apartments for one to six persons equipped with all modern-day amenities you may need for a pleasant stay in the Cité des Papes. Among the numerous amenities featured, a dinner tray…
Bonnieux - Vaucluse (France)

Rental Apartment Bonnieux 3 people

Ref : 186284LLocasun guaranteed

Apartment - 3 people - 65 m² 

3 rooms - 1 bedroom


Shared swimming pool - Television - Terrace - 1 outdoor…

3-room apartment 65 m2 on 1st floor, south facing position, beautiful furnishings: living/dining room 20 m2 with TV. Exit to the terrace. 1 room with 1 bed and shower/WC. 1 room with 2 beds and shower/WC. Open kitchen 8 m2 (oven, microwave, freezer). Terrace 12 m2. Terrace furniture. Facilities: washing machine, mosquito net. Internet (WiFi). Furnished kitchen, 8 m2, opening on to the living room…
Apt - Vaucluse (France)

Rental House Apt 3 people

Ref : 207638LLocasun guaranteed

Le Cabanon

House - 3 people - 55 m² 

2 rooms - 1 bedroom


Private swimming pool - Terrace - 1 outdoor parking space -…

2-room house 55 m2: living/dining room with open-hearth fireplace. Exit to the terrace. 1 room 20 m2 with 1 sofabed, 1 double bed and shower/WC. Kitchen (4 hot plates, oven, dishwasher). Terrace 18 m2. Terrace furniture, deck chairs (4). Facilities: washing machine. 1 small pet/ dog allowed. Access from outside: small room with shower/WC. Small TV. Fridge with freezer compartment. Kitchen with…
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The Vaucluse department forms part of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region located in the South East of France. It is next to the departments of Gard in the West, Ardèche in the North West, Drôme in the North, the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence in the East, Var and the Bouches-du-Rhône in the South.
The Vaucluse department is mainly situated inland and is at the heart of Provence. The shape of the Vaucluse land alternates between plateau mountains and hilly plains.
Vaucluse represents a Provence that is sculptured by mountains (Mont Ventoux, Dentelles de Montmirail, Monts de Vaucluse and Montagne du Luberon) that offer both extensive wild plains and green hills where renowned vineyards thrive. Our rentals offer easy access to these wonderful landscapes.
Vaucluse possesses a climate that is both Mediterranean, ideal for summer holidays and typical of the mountains for your winter holidays.
In Vaucluse you will find a large choice of private villas, houses and apartments for a pleasant holiday. Let us help you find the place of your dreams for your next holiday rental.

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